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The Top Online English Teaching Platforms to Teach Students from Around the Globe

global easol programs-a curly haired woman with glasses pointing to the caption


Regardless of where you are in your English teaching journey, you probably stumbled upon this blog post because you are interested in teaching online, and are perhaps researching different platforms. A good percentage of online English teaching platforms are based out of China, and therefore cater to Chinese students. But did you know that there are other international platforms that cater to students outside of China? In this article, I’m going to highlight the top six online English teaching platforms to teach students from around the globe (including those in China!). If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading along and taking some notes!

If you don’t have a Bachelor’s or College Degree, please don’t turn away! I promise that I have some opportunities listed for you, as well!

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Online English Teaching Platform 1: Cambly on the Cambly image above to apply to teach with them!

One of the first platforms that I recommend is Cambly. One of the reasons this is the first on my list is because I happen to teach for them and absolutely LOVE my students. Cambly is a digital networking platform that allows students from all over the world to connect with native English speaking tutors for things like conversation, structured English lessons, exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL). You can teach kids AND adults. Cambly is an incredibly laid back and the perfect platform for those interested in a more free-talk conversational platform with really rad people from around the globe. If you’re not keen on free-talk, they also offer a library of lesson plans and guided conversation resources and activities, as well!


No teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree, or prior teaching experience needed. However, you must be a native English Speaker. There are restrictions on the countries you must be from or reside in order to teach with the platform.


Now I will admit that Cambly pays on the lower end compared to other international English teaching platforms. You will earn 17 cents per talking minute ($10.20/hour) on Cambly, and 20 cents per minute ($12.00/hour) on Cambly Kids. The plus side? You paid via PayPal every Monday (if you earn at least $20 from the previous week). Now, depending on where in the world you live, because of your earnings, teaching, and tutoring on Cambly can either be a great supplemental income or full-time job opportunity.

Commitment Requirements:

There are none! One of the things that I love about this platform is how flexible you can be. You can work at little as 1 hour one week and as many as 40 hours the next. It’s a very great platform for those who like to have a more flexible schedule. You can work as much or as little as you want.

Connect with amazing students from all over the world through Cambly

Please don’t let the pay get to you. As I previously said, this is one of the platforms I teach for and it’s probably one of the more fun ones. Interested in learning more or applying to teach with this platform? Click here.

Online English Teaching Platform 2: Open English

Click on the Open English image above to apply to teach with them!

If you are interested in connecting with students from Latin America, then Open English is the platform for you. Open English is an educational technology company focused on English language learning for the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets. Similarly to Cambly, you can either teach adults or children. This platform offers structured lessons for students.

Open English Qualifications:

While a Bachelor’s degree is not required, that, along with an English teaching certification, such as TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA is preferred. You must also be a native English speaker that can speak and write clearly and eloquently. If you are bilingual in either Spanish or Portuguese, then you could become a strong teaching candidate.


The earnings for Open English can range from 9-15 an hour, with an hourly wage averaging at about $13 per hour. Teachers are paid via PayPal, twice a week.

Teach students from Latin America through Open English!

Commitment Requirements:

Teachers asked to commit to a minimum of 10 hours, and a maximum of 26 hours a week. Peak hours are generally in the evening (EST), and classes run 24/7. A perk? Per their website, you can teach from anywhere in the world.

Interested in learning more or applying to teach with this platform? Click here.

Online English Teaching Platform 3: NIL English

Click on the NIL English image above to apply to teach with them!

If you’ve ever been interested in teaching students from South Korea, then NIL English is the platform for you! All students are Korean and all classes are one to one class age from 6 to 60 years old. This platform offers structured lessons for students.


You must be a Native English speaker from the United States. A Bachelor’s Degree, in most, cases, is required. However, in some instances, they will honor an Associate’s Degree. An English teaching certification, such as TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA is preferred.


As an Instructor with Nil English, you would be an Independent Contractor. You are paid per class basis, not by the hour. The base pay is the number of classes you have taught. The rate starts USD $1.50 per 10 minutes plus 10% attendance bonus on top of the base pay. Your pay will increase as follows. After three months, $1.60, after six months, $1.70, after nine months, $1.80 and after one year, teachers will have a pay increase up to $2.00 per 10 minutes. The pay is once per month, the 10th of every month by PayPal.

Teach South Korean students through NIL English!

Commitment Requirements:

You must be able to work a minimum of ten hours per week. Moreover, because consistency is valued, you must be able to commit to working the same two-hour slots per day, from Monday-Friday.

Interested in learning more or applying to teach with this platform? Click here.

Online English Teaching Platform 4: Cafétalk

Click on the Cafétalk image above to apply to teach with them!

Are you fascinated with Japanese vulture and forming a rapport with the nation’s students? Then consider Cafétalk. Per their website, Cafétalk describes themselves in the following way:

‘We’re a service that aims to “Let the world spice up your life”
through private online lessons with teachers from around the world… From language lessons like Japanese and French to instruction in music, art, and various hobbies we offer a multitude of unique and engaging lessons.’

Among the myriad of subjects you can teach, English as a foreign language is certainly an option. Japanese students of all ages and walks of life are looking to connect with Tutors who will help them learn or develop their English speaking skills. This includes children, university students, business professionals, and everyone in between.

One of the things that set Cafétalk apart from the other aforementioned platforms is your ability and freedom to create custom lessons and courses. While this may turn off some prospective instructors, this may serve as an exciting perk to others-especially those with prior teaching experience.  Think about it, your English courses can revolve around topics of interest, like pop culture or history! Once an interested student sees your profile and the classes you offer, they can contact (and potentially book!) you!


According to the company website, you don’t necessarily need a Bachelor’s Degree to become an Eligible teacher. However, having either that or substantial experience in teaching will certainly turn you into a stronger candidate. If you plan to teach English, a certification, such as TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA is preferred. Just remember that you are trying to impress future students (who you’ll want as regulars!) so make your profile stand out and sell your unique abilities!


Another reason why Cafétalk is a unique platform is that you can set your own rate, based on your level of teaching experience and subject expertise.  Cafétalk states the following regarding their rates:

‘Tutor fees start off at 60% of the lesson price and increases depending lesson sales with the highest possible fee percentage at 85% (subject to change without notice). Payment is initiated every month* on the 15th through Payoneer, PayPal or directly to your bank account.

If you don’t mind Cafétalk’s service fees, then this teaching through this platform could certainly become a lucrative opportunity for you!

Teach students from Japan through Cafétalk!

Commitment Requirements:

Tutors are required to use Skype on a PC or tablet. Providing lessons via smartphones is not permitted for tutors. Similarly to Cambly, Cafétalk is extremely flexible when it comes to setting your availability. You are an Independent Contractor. I did not see any mention on restricted nations that you can teach from, so it appears as though you can teach from anywhere in the world. You can set as many or as little hours as you’d like, and that can vary based on your personal schedule, week to week. If a potential student sees course offerings that align with their own availability, then this could potentially become a match made in heaven.

Interested in learning more or applying to teach with this platform? Click here.

Online English Teaching Platform 5: Education First

Click on the EF image above to apply to teach with them!

Another platform that made this list was Education First (known as EF). EF is an international Swiss-based education organization that focuses on training, educational travel, cultural exchanges, language courses, and academic degree programs.  When it comes to longevity, they know their stuff. EF has been offering language and education-related courses to international students since 1965.

EF offers the opportunity for instructors to teach English to adults through their Teach Abroad division. Because you’ll have the opportunity to teach students from around the world at all times, you can have flexibility in how you set your schedule. As an EF English Adult instructor, you will be able to teach English in three different virtual class options: 20 and 40 minute private 1:1 lessons, and 45 minute group classes. Pre-made lesson plans and curriculum for classes are available for classes.


In order to become an eligible teacher for EF, you must meet the following minimum requirements. You must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree (in any field), and you must also have a TEFL Certification. Because EF’s curriculum is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), your English proficiency must be meeting the C2 level. While previous teaching experience is not required, it is preferred.  You must also be from the USA or the UK.


EF offers a couple of different pay brackets for their online adult instructors. You get paid $6 per 20 minutes 1:1 lesson. Otherwise, you get paid $12 per 40 minutes 1:1 lesson or per 45-minute group lesson. You can get paid up to $18 per hour.

Connect with global adult learners through EF!

Requirements (min hourly):

EF does not require any minimum time commitment. However, due to the nature of the platform, students like to build rapport with their instructors. Therefore, it would beneficial to have a consistent, fixed schedule.

Interested in learning more or applying to teach with this platform? Click here.

Online English Teaching Platform 4: Outschool

Click on the Outschool image above to apply to teach with them!

Last but certainly not least is Outschool. Outschool connects motivated learners, parents, and teachers together to create great learning experiences. You can teach your skill to children from the ages of 3-18. Though you can teach live classes & courses, you can also teach Flex courses, which are recorded sessions of your classes. 

Now, I must provide a disclaimer and let you know that Outschool is not an Online English teaching platform. But why would I mention them in the first place? Outschool is very similar to Café Talk, in the sense that you have the freedom to design your own classes and courses (subject to adhering to Outschool’s curriculum policies and approval period-LINK).  Think about all of the creative ways that you can introduce the English language to young learners. You could design classes that pertain to grammar, writing, reading, or phonics. Heck, you could even get extra creative and develop an English songwriting class! Think outside the box! Because students from all over the world (including non-English speaking countries) are looking for classes to enroll in, your potential offerings could pique the interest of potential enrollees.


Outschool does not require formal teaching credentials. This is Outschool’s statement on teaching qualifications:

“We believe that many adults can offer rewarding classes based on their experience and interests.”

With this in mind, parents may still be looking for a particular set of Education, experiences and credentials from you. IF you have a college degree or any English teaching certifications, this may put you in an advantageous position. Otherwise, if you can demonstrate teaching experience and an alternative array of credentials, that may be fine, as well. Every parent is looking for something different from their children’s instructors, so you could potentially make a great match, regardless.

Outschool requires a criminal background checks before your first class starts. Teachers must be residents of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom.


Since you are creating your own classes & schedules, YOU can set the price. While earnings per class DO vary, the average Outschool teacher can make an average of $35 per hour-I personally know of teachers earning about $100 per hour. Keep in mind that Outschool takes 30% commission fee for your total class earnings. Keep in mind that tens of thousands of parents from around the world go to Outschool as a destination for their children’s education-they connect YOU to your students!

Teach young & vibrant learners from around the world through Outschool!

Commitment Requirements:

Just like some of the other mentioned platforms, since you are teaching as an Independent Contractor, you can set the hours of your classes in whatever way suits you. If you want to teach one 30-minute class per week, go ahead! If you want to teach 40 hours a week, that’s fine as well! You determine your availability.

Interested in learning more or applying to teach with this platform? Click here.

BONUS-Obtaining the TESOL Certification:

Click the image above to learn more & enroll in the 120-hour TESOL Certification Course!

If you are have been interested in entering the English Language teaching field but don’t know where to begin, one of the first things that I would recommend is that you get an English Teaching Certification from an accredited Institution. Most online organizations and institutions typically require that your certification is a TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA (definitely check with the organization first!).

If the institution you want to teach for requires that you have a TESOL certification, I highly recommend enrolling in the 120-hour Certificate course offered by International Open Academy (IOA). This, along with their TEFL course is accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards. This is the exact course that I took. And the course does not take that long to complete. While it took me two weeks to complete, it may take you less, depending on your schedule (It’s a totally self-paced online course). If you are worried about the cost of obtaining the certification, don’t worry. This course is typically priced at under $30 USD, and IOA often runs promotional deals on all of their courses, including this certification.

Want to learn more, or interested in enrolling? Click the link here

**There’s also a GOOD chance that you’ll need a good quality headset for your classes, so I recommend this affordable, good quality set from Amazon: **

Did I forget to mention any other passive income ideas? Comment below!

Disclaimer: Some of the links mentioned contain affiliate or referral links, where I may receive a commission for your enrollment at no cost to you. All commission received goes back to running this blog.

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