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My HONEST UserTesting Review (2022 Update)

In this article, I give you a brutally honest update on my review working as a UserTesting freelancer.

UserTesting paid opps: https://www.usertesting.com/get-paid-to-test

It has been two years since I’ve done a UserTesting review blogpost. Now that we are at the end of 2021 and transitioning into 2022, I think it’s time for an update. If you are just finding out about UserTesting, or this is your first time in a long time that you decide to go back to the website, I’m going to just spend some time just being completely honest with you in terms of what I think about UserTesting now and whether I think it’s worth it. I present to you my honest UserTesting review.

What is UserTesting?

What is it? Well, usertesting.com is a website that is geared to help companies of any type receive honest feedback from their customers. What does that mean? Some of the information companies want to find out about will include whether their new website is working properly. They may want to find out what consumers think about their new products. Companies may also want to find out what consumers think about their mobile apps and possible web pages. These are just some of the examples of scenarios of the kind of testing opportunities you’re going to find.

Qualifications to do paid tests on UserTesting

The companies that utilize UserTesting are looking for testers from all parts of the world. They’re also looking for people that speak multiple languages. Here are other qualifications:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Have reliable wi-fi
  • Have access to a computer or a smartphone or a tablet
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Mock Entrance Test for UserTesting

Before you are eligible to do any of the pay testing opportunities, UserTesting is going to have you do a 10-to-15-minute test on some sort of scenario very similarly to what you would see for an actual test. They’re going to have you do different tasks. The big thing, in my honest UserTesting review, is that they’re going to want you to do is think out loud and follow directions. You should be able to hear back from UserTesting within 7-10 business days and they will let you know whether or not you pass the unpaid test (in order to qualify to take real life tests from there on). If you don’t pass the first time, you can take the test a second or third time, but as long as you can once again follow directions and think out loud for the unpaid screening tests, that should be able to open the doors to a lot of the paid testing opportunities.

Testing Duration and PAYMENT Rates for UserTesting

Tests can range from:

  • Five minutes where you may receive four US dollars ($4 USD),
  • 10 to 15 minutes a ten US dollar test ($10 USD),
  • 30-minute (moderated) testing opportunities where you receive $30 USD, and
  • 60-minute (moderated) testing opportunities where you receive $60 USD

What’s great with UserTesting is you that literally get paid 1 week after you have successfully finished a test. So, if you did a test at 3:07 pm on a Tuesday, you’re going to get paid at 3:07 pm the following Tuesday for that test. UserTesting issues their payments via PayPal.

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What I like about UserTesting

What I like, in my honest UserTesting review, is the flexibility, because you can go on UserTesting whenever you want. If you have only five minutes to spare, you can just go there and see if there’s a quick test. If you have a flexible schedule, you can just keep your tab open see what kind of testing opportunities there are throughout the day.

UserTesting updates

One major update I’ve noticed from 2019 is that UserTesting is now offering unmoderated testing opportunities that are camera-recorded (perhaps because the UX team is interested in seeing your facial expressions when performing testing operations).

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are now 90-minute (moderated) tests which pay $90 USD for successful testing completion.  So, it’s worth applying for, if you qualify for whatever the testers are looking for.

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Tips on How to Qualify for MORE paid UserTesting Opportunities

A big tip that I have for is to speak out loud if you wind up qualifying for a test. Moderators want to hear your opinions about your testing experience, regardless of whether it’s positive, negative, or frustrating. Do NOT stay silent, because that will affect your rating. This will therefore impact the number of testing opportunities you receive. It’s important to pay attention and focus on what the moderators want for each testing task.

Another recommendation I have, in my honest UserTesting review, is to look for the bigger tests. The 60 minute or 90 minute screenings, since they pay more. One of the things I dislike about UserTesting is often applying for tests that you may not qualify for. Unless you’re keeping your tab open throughout the day, you might only qualify for one $10 USD test. The biggest thing I can say is the longer you are on the website, then the more opportunities you’ll have.

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Would I recommend UserTesting to others? my honest review summary

In conclusion, would I recommend UserTesting? yes and no.

No, I would not. I would not recommend UserTesting at all if you’re looking for a consistent part-time or full-time job opportunity. The opportunities on UserTesting are so sporadic, with little guarantee that you’re going to even qualify for many tests. I really don’t want you wasting your time. Honestly? You could work a minimum wage part-time job, and possibly make more money doing that.

However, if you have some free time on your hands, and you can commit to either staring at your computer tablet or your phone app throughout the day, then possibly yes, I recommend UserTesting. I would only recommend it if you had the mindset that it’s going to be supplemental income. So there you have it, My HONEST UserTesting review.

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