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My Honest Intellizoom Review

In this brief article, I share an honest and candid review about Intellizoom. Moreover, I am here to let you know whether it is legit, or a plain ol’ scam. Here is my Honest review.
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If you are looking for creative ways to earn some supplemental income, you may find a barrage of options and ideas. However, did you know that YOU can earn money online, simply by testing out various websites and apps? I have been doing this on the side for the past two years. The art of testing out websites is within the Usability Experience/ UX arena. The purpose of this field is to provide companies with honest insight on whether their products are working as they should. In this series, I will be highlighting various Usability Testing (UX) websites and will let you know whether they are a legitimate money-making resource, or a plain ol’ scam. Today, I will be giving you my honest review of Intellizoom.
Want to try the platform for yourself? Give it a shot here:

What is Intellizoom?

One of the first aspects of my honest review of Intellizoom is to tell you more about the company. Intellizoom is another platform that allows websites and apps to be assessed by everyday users in order to test their design, functionality, or products.
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What kind of tests

One of the second aspects of my honest review of Intellizoom is to tell you more about the types of tests offered. Intellizoom offers various unmoderated testing opportunities. To illustrate, you may be qualified to take a timed test that asks you to perform a certain set of functions. For example, tests may ask you to ‘shop’ for a pair of socks, or book a basketball game. Other testing opportunities may require that you evaluate the design and functionality of a website (by navigating to certain areas or assessing the design interface). The testing opportunities will vary.
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Length of tests

The third aspect of my honest review of Intellizoom is to tell you more about the testing duration. On average, expect to spend 5-20 minutes on a paid testing opportunity. Sometimes you may spend up to 30 minutes on UX tests. You can either take the tests on their free desktop/laptop application, or through your smartphone.
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Testing rate

The fourth aspect of my honest review of Intellizoom is regarding the payment. All Intellizoom  tests pay anywhere from $2usd, to $5 – $10usd per examination (oftentimes $8usd per successfully completed test). You receive payment after via PayPal. Payment is typically distributed approximately 21 days after a successfully completed test.
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The fifth aspect of my honest review of Intellizoom is regarding the platforms testing stipulations. First, you must apply and take the (unpaid) qualification test to become an approved paid tester with the platform. The review process takes 7-15 days. Furthermore, all exams get rated. To illustrate, the more thorough you are in your testing review, the higher your ratings will be. So PLEASE, be as detail oriented as possible during your testing sessions!!
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The sixth aspect of my honest review of Intellizoom is about the platform’s advantages. One of the first advantages is how hard this platform tries to match you to testing opportunities that you may qualify for. They will do so by sending you emails each time a new test is issued. Please note, however, that no test is guaranteed for you to take. Another benefit I have the freedom to work remotely or in any other quiet environment (introvert-friendly!).
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I cannot state my honest review of Intellizoom without addressing its disadvantages. The main setback of the platform are the sporadic testing opportunities. There is no guarantee that you may receive any qualifiable testing opportunities on a daily or weekly basis. The opportunities can appear at any point of the day. Moreso, just because you may see an opportunity appear on your dashboard does not mean you will qualify to assess. Another aspect that I really dislike is they payment processing turnaround-I’m spoiled by the week-long payment turnaround by testing sites, like UserTesting and Userfeel. In my honest opinion, 21 days to receive payment is a bit too long for my liking.
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The final aspect of my honest review of Intellizoom is to share some key takeaways. So far, since joining the platform, I have earned a whopping $5usd. This means, that up to this day, I have successfully completed one test. While $5 does not make me rich, this extra cash has helped me pay for tasty Takis chips!  I want to conclude by sharing some tips:
  • Keep your eye out on Intellizoom testing emails and apply asap- many of the tests are first come, first served.
  • When doing tests, speak ALL your thoughts aloud: the good, the bad, the ugly.
  • Pay attention to ALL of the instructions for each test and be as through in your verbal and written responses as possible (yes, you will often be expected to write down mini essay answers).
  • Come into this platform with realistic income expectations-since qualifiable testing opportunities are sporadic, expect that any income revied is strictly supplemental.
If you are applying for testing opportunities with this mindset that Intellizoom is best for earning SUPPLEMENTAL income, then yes! I do recommend the platform. In fact, if you want to make more money with usability tests, simultaneously test with other platforms. Go ahead and give Intellizoom a try and let me know what you think! Apply to become a paid Intellizoom tester here.

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