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My HONEST Cambly tutoring review

In this article, I’m going to share my honest Cambly tutoring review. Trust me, it’s going to get real.

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One of the ways that I have earned income is by tutoring on the Cambly platform. After spending the last two years teaching over 450 students, I have a lot to say about tutoring for Cambly. I want to spend the next few minutes giving you my honest Cambly tutoring review. Therefore, I’ll be telling YOU what I wish I knew about tutoring on Cambly, before I began this journey. I’ll share the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let us begin:

cambly priority hours
Cambly’s Priority Hour System

Taking advantage of priority hours

The first aspect of my honest Cambly tutoring review is about taking advantage of priority hours. YOU want to increase your chances of attracting more regular students and boosting your chances of becoming a highly rated tutor. YOU should TAKE ADVANTAGE of priority hours. Moreover, Priority hours tell the Cambly system that other students can book you, before any other tutor on the platform-in other words, you get much higher chances of being booked

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Taking advantage of the five-minute breaks

The second aspect of my honest Cambly tutoring review is about taking advantage of five-minute breaks. Furthermore, If you become a high-rated tutor, chances are, that you will start getting reservation requests, and believe me when I say that a lot of them will happen back-to-back (with no real opportunities for breaks. IF you decide to sign up for any priority hour slots, I HIGHLY recommend that you hit that ‘5-minute break’ button on your dashboard. Believe me, you will thank yourself later!

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The third aspect of my honest Cambly tutoring review is about pacing as a teacher. Therefore, It is EXTREMELY easy to eventually feel overwhelmed, and mostly, experience burnout-as a Cambly Tutor. My best advice is to space each priority hour at least an hour apart from each other. Believe me, if you are exhausted, your students WILL Tell- and THAT will affect your rating on the platform.

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Being honest about my teaching abilities

The fourth aspect of my honest Cambly tutoring review is about being honest about my teaching abilities. Cambly is great, in that they allow virtually any native English adult speaker to teach on their platform (even without a degree). However, that means that you must be REALLY honest about what you are and are not able to teach (including what and who you aren’t willing to instruct-for example, if you have no interest in teaching children, or are not qualifies or interested in teaching any sort of test prep courses, state that on your profile.

On the other side, if you DO have any sort of industry specialty, like an Engineering background, or can speak multiple languages, state that on your profile. You are likely to develop a niche group of students on the platform. For example, I have a professional background in Urban Planning, and I have stated that on my tutoring profile.

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Setting boundaries

The fifth aspect of my honest Cambly tutoring review is about setting boundaries as a teacher. While most of the students I have taught are excellent, I have encountered several students who become…very entitled and demanding about being taught. For instance, I wish that I could have set stronger, firmer boundaries with students that either expected me to teach at unreasonable times or would have sooner blocked and reported students who were disrespectful and inappropriate around me (flirting). If there is a miscommunication or misunderstanding with a student, the first thing I would recommend is to message them, to try to resolve the issue. However, if any students become fresh or say/do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, do NOT hesitate to hit that ‘report student’ button.  Remember, you deserve respect, and your sanity matters.

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Have an impressive tutoring profile and video

The sixth aspect of my honest Cambly tutoring review is about having an impressive tutoring profile and video. This should be obvious, but the more detail you put into your profile, the more impressive it will look to potential students (and the greater of a chance that they will book with you). On this note, checking your profile for and spelling and grammar errors is extremely important. Remember, you are teaching students the English Language.

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Acknowledging the pay

The seventh aspect of my honest Cambly tutoring review is about acknowledging the pay. I am going to be honest with you, the pay on Cambly is on the lower end for ESL platforms. Cambly pays seventeen us cents for every talking minute (that comes to $10.20 per hour). IF you decide to teach on the Cambly Kids platform, then you get paid twenty us cents per taking minute (that is twelve usd per hour). So far, from the time I signed up to teach on Cambly, until now, from the time I have written this article, I have made over $3,168.30 (in US dollars).

Do not underestimate teaching on Cambly. I recently got laid off towards the end of this year, and Cambly has been a financial Godsend for me. Even though they do not offer the highest pay, teaching on Cambly has become my financial bread and butter and has given me financial stability during some rough economic times.

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Putting 110% into all your lessons

The eighth aspect of my honest Cambly tutoring review is about putting 110% into all lessons. Just because Cambly does not pay as much as other online ESL platforms does not mean that you can provide mediocre quality lesson content. Give each lesson and free-talk interaction your ALL! Every student will rate you after lessons. And who knows! The better they rate you, the more likely they are to re-book with you (and the more student bookings you will get). Professionalism still matters.

Given everything I have mentioned, would I recommend Cambly? Absolutely. As I mentioned before, Cambly has become a financial Godsend, AND has given me the opportunity to connect with some incredible students. Cambly has also given me the ability to sharpen my own skillsets as an ESL teacher, which has in turn, helped me, as an education professional.

This concludes the end of my tips for this article. Is there any additional advice you would offer? Please comment below!

Disclaimer: Some of the links mentioned contain affiliate or referral links, where I may receive a commission for your enrollment at no cost to you. All commission received goes back to running this blog.

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