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Employment or Contract Work?

person marking check on opened book
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Say you’re in the process of growing your tiny business, and you’re ready starting to develop client relationships. FANTASTIC! You now see it going somewhere.

Then, suddenly, your dream employer reaches out to you asking if you would like to come and work for them. Here’s the dilemma: You like them, but you don’t want to give up on your entrepreneurial dream.

What should we do?

Rather than saying ‘yes’ to the position as employee, counter offer them with a proposal for you to become their contractor. By doing that, you can retain your flexibility as an entrepreneur. You won’t get resentful for losing time working on your other dream projects. PLUS, the dream organization will also benefit from YOUR creativity and services. Another added benefit for the employer? They can save costs on outsourced contract work, instead of a costly onboarding process for a new employee (who is not promised to stay with the company!). That is a giant win-win situation.

Why not give this approach a try?


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