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    Employment or Contract Work?

    Say you’re in the process of growing your tiny business, and you’re ready starting to develop client relationships. FANTASTIC! You now see it going somewhere. Then, suddenly, your dream employer reaches out to you asking if you would like to come and work for them. Here’s the dilemma: You like them, but you don’t want to give up on your entrepreneurial dream. What should we do? Rather than saying ‘yes’ to the position as employee, counter offer them with a proposal for you to become their contractor. By doing that, you can retain your flexibility as an entrepreneur. You won’t get resentful for losing time working on your other dream…

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    Change is OK

    I’m an observant person. To illustrate, I see a lot of shame that others have for going through different types of identity phases. And I mean things as trivial as punk or gothic or just trying different career moves. I am so sick of witnessing people shaming others for trying to figure out what it is that shapes them to their core. My plea is this: People, STOP shaming others for going through different identity phases. Why? Because doing so is hypocritical. Listen, throughout the course of our lives, we’re all going to change. Different circumstances are going to change us and shake us to our essence. These circumstances include…

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    My 9-5 Career Made me Miserable.

    You see this smiling picture of me from almost two years ago? I have a confession to make…I was miserable.I was climbing the ‘professional ladder’.I was earning the most money I had ever made in my life.But I cannot tell you how many nights I cried, or how many times I escaped to the bathroom because of a panic attack.This was at the height of my mental health deterioration.I was not in a healthy environment. I was doing work that really and truly did not align with my moral values. Better yet, my passions. This is not to say that I didn’t work with amazing people (I did). But almost…