About Me

Me! 🙂
I run The Funky Spork Food Blog!
Being a part-time TESOL Instructor has been a blessing!
Me and my husband Jeremy!
Me and my fur baby, Sweetheart
My husband and I in New Mexico

Hi there! My name is Mara Latorre, and I wear a few hats. I’m a wife, and a proud cat mother. I am also a mixture of stubbornness, grit, and passion. My passions have particularly revolved around the intermingling arenas of Creativity, Food, Education, and Community-Building. After earning my Master’s Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of South Florida, I entered the public sector as a Municipal City Planner.

After experiencing burn-out and career misalignment, I listened to my inner voice, and left the field, in order to rebrand.

I’m the director of The Funky Spork, an online platform that centers on the creation of budget-friendly recipes and the promotion of local food systems education.

As I was in the intial process of building The Funky Spork Platform, I knew that I wanted to earn income 100% remotely. I reflected upon my own experiences and joy from working with youth, and became TESOL certified, so that I could become a part-time remote English Foreign language teacher. Before and while I was obtaining my TESOL certification and working on growing The Funky Spork, I pursued a barrage of digital online income opportunities in order to financially stay afloat…because…the bills won’t pay for themselves!

While my work as a TESOL Educator has been rewarding, it has helped me support my household while running The Funky Spork platform. Being a part-time online instructor has also granted me with the flexibility to pursue some other awesome creative digital freelancing opportunities.

Through this pursuit, I have begun to channel my passions, find my voice, and have gradually gained a revised sense of inner peace. I believe that in the end, a good quality of life and authenticity trump corporate burnout.

Listen, in this past year, I’ve learned a lot from this wacky digital self-employment and teaching journey, and I want to pass along resources, and tips for those of you who may also be looking to enter these professional arenas. I also want to use this platform as a way to keep it real about topics that pertain to self-authenticity-because at the end of the day…no matter how old we are or where life has led us, we are more than just a paycheck or a job title.

So….welcome to my corner of the internet! 🙂