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4 Online Jobs that don’t Require a Degree

In this article, I am going to highlight four distinct types of online jobs that don’t require a degree. The benefit? They’re always hiring!

a person holding the laptop
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Unfortunately, we are living in a crazy time with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. From the Delta to Omicron variants, it just seems like new strains of this virus continue to emerge. And as we know, that has really flipped a lot of things upside down for everybody. Similarly, to me, you either recently got laid off, or have been affected by the virus. You are in a situation where you are immunocompromised, and are looking for safe ways to earn income, while trying to practice social distancing. I know for sure that this is impacting many people’s wallets.

There are also several of us who have become sick of working on toxic, hostile environments. The ‘Great resignation’ has shone a light on the pervasive cultures of micromanagement and exploitation-and frankly-the majority of people have had it.

With that being said, I want to share a few opportunities to earn some extra money online. These are all opportunities that I have either done (or am doing) myself or have done some vetting and vouching for. Whether you are laid off, looking for another job, trying to build a business, or looking for additional revenue streams, these opportunities may be of interest to you. While none of these opportunities will make you rich, they can hopefully help you cover some bills or grocery expenses. Anything helps during these crazy times.

So, let us begin!

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Usability (UX) Testing

The first category of online jobs that don’t require a degree is in the field of usability testing, also known as User Experience (UX) testing. There are application developers all over the world either that create digital products, like phone apps, computer software programs, or websites. These digital product developers need everyday people, such as yourselves, to evaluate out various websites and programs to ensure their functionality.


One online website that I will recommend includes UserTesting [turn this into an internal link]. UserTesting is one of the largest (and my favorite) UX testing platforms. In short, you get paid to do audio and video-recorded reviews on various websites and applications on YOUR time. You will get to see how well e-commerce sites, phone apps, and web design work and function. And, if you are opinionated you like to think aloud, then you will love this site. Why? Because doing that, and following directions are the two main things you need to do to become a successful tester. Let us talk money.


UserTesting pays on a testing basis. For example, you get paid $4usd for 5-minute tests, $10usd for 15-20-minute tests, and anywhere from $30-$120usd for live moderated tests. PayPal issues all payments one week after you successfully complete a test.


While UX testing platforms do pay well, the opportunities to receive tests that you qualify for are sporadic. You may be lucky one day and qualify to take ten paid tests, and nothing for a week. UX testing is not something that I would recommend you quit your day job over.

The Verdict?

If you have a flexible schedule or happen to have some extra time on your hands, then I would recommend looking into UX testing. It is a wonderful supplemental income opportunity that I continue to do to this day. If you are interested in learning more about some other UX testing platforms that I recommend, check out my previous article.

Click here to learn more or apply with UserTesting.

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The second category of online jobs that don’t require a degree is by transcribing. Transcribing is simply the act of putting thoughts and speeches into writing. What does this entail? There are companies & producers all over the world that are in desperate need of people who can type out what they hear on video and audio recordings. These recordings can include videos, class lectures, podcast episodes, meeting minutes, and technical manuals. The transcriptions can also turn into video captions.


One transcription company I recommend is Rev. Rev is one of the leaders in transcription services. As a Rev freelance transcriber, you have the option to caption or transcribe videos, and audio recordings. If you are multi-lingual, Rev also offers opportunities to translate content. For a period, I created video captions for Rev. One of the things I loved about transcribing for Rev was the amount of flexibility you had in your schedule. I also loved how you had the freedom to select which projects you wanted to work on.


Rev pay their captioners and transcribers per video and audio minute. Depending on the project, you can get paid anywhere between 54 cents to $1.10usd/min. This can range from $32.40usd-$66usd per hour. PayPal issues all payments one week after you successfully complete a transcription project. Rev offers paid incentives for high quality transcription work.


Keep in mind that the payment rates are strictly for the length of the audio or video recording. This payment does NOT include and editing or re-transcribing you wind up doing. Nor does the pay account your transcription speed.

The Verdict?

If you are meticulous, and are a fast at typing, you might really enjoy doing freelance work with Rev. You get to listen to fascinating recordings throughout your time doing projects for them. Transcribing is also a fantastic option if you are more of an introvert and prefer not to speak with others.

Click here to learn more or apply with Rev.

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Helping Senior Citizens

The third category of online jobs that don’t require a degree is by being an advocate for the elderly. Seriously, I did not even know about this sector, until I ventured into self-employment. One company that comes to mind is Pleio. Pleio is a company that serves as a liaison between the elderly and their pharmacies and medical providers. The Pleio GoodStart® program seeks to build meaningful relationships with its elderly patients, by reminding or following up about prescription medications. They are looking for GoodStart Mentors.

Pleio GoodStart Program

As a GoodStart Mentor, you can work from the comfort of your home. Your responsibility would be to serve as the frontline ‘voice’ of the company. GoodStart mentors regularly contact Pleio patients to remind them about prescription medications, follow up, and build rapport. GoodStart Mentors are independent contractors. What they do is they hire independent contractors to call senior citizens to remind them to take their prescription medication just to make sure that they are on top of their medication.


Pleio GoodStart Mentors are paid per talking minute. As of 2020, hourly rates can range from $15usd-$24usd. All payments are issued on the 15th of each month. The company issues direct deposit payments once-per-month.

Requirements & Stipulations

  • You must be at least eighteen years old (18)
  • Be a US Citizen
  • Have reliable internet access
  • Must pass a background check
  • Cannot reside in OH, WA, ND, CA, or WY
  • According to Pleio’s website, they allow independent contractors to work flexible hours. One can take as many or as little calls as they would like. Since Pleio’s offices are closed on Sundays, GoodStart Mentors do not make calls, then.

Click here to learn more or apply with Pleio.

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Online English ESL Tutoring

The third category of online jobs that don’t require a degree is by offering online English/ESL tutoring. Yes, the majority of online English teaching and tutoring opportunities do require at least a bachelor’s degree. However, not all platforms require this. One that comes to mind is Cambly.


Cambly is an online web and app platform that connects international students with native English speakers. They connect students of all English levels, professional backgrounds, and ages. Cambly is always looking for tutors who are interested in helping students develop their English-speaking skills. Depending on what students are looking for, you can either facilitate free-talk sessions or structured lessons. If the idea of providing structured lessons intimidates you, do not worry. Cambly provides complimentary lessons and activities for tutors in their library database.


Let us talk pay. Cambly pays tutors seventeen (17) us cents per teaching minute when instructing adults ($10.20usd per hour), and twenty (20) us cents per minute when teaching children ($12usd per hour). PayPal issues payments every Monday. All tutors are independent contractors.


I want to put a bit of a safety disclaimer out there (especially for women). While 99.9% of students on the platform are incredible, there have been some cases where (male) trial students have inappropriately exposed themselves during lessons. Fortunately, in response to harassment complaints, Cambly has made a lot of safety and security improvements to the platform, since I joined in 2020. I just recommend just going on audio and keeping all trial student video cameras off, until you know that to pay customer.

The Verdict?

Even though Cambly is not the highest-paying online ESL tutoring platform, it is one that I have been tutoring on for two years. I have spoken with almost 1,000 students to this day and have formed excellent rapport with incredible pupils from all over the world. IF you are an outgoing person, like having a flexible schedule, and enjoy teaching. Then I would recommend tutoring with Cambly.

Click here to learn more or apply with Cambly.

Are there any other online jobs that don’t require a degree? Please let me know, by commenting below!

Disclaimer: Some of the links mentioned contain affiliate or referral links, where I may receive a commission for your enrollment at no cost to you. All commission received goes back to running this blog.

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